4 Inspiring kitchen island ideas

A Modern Kitchen Island should always complement and complete the kitchen. If you fail to do so you can create many problems for yourself while working in the kitchen.

Like making your work take more time and end up creating less work space. So to help you we will be telling you about the 4 design ideas that will inspire your kitchen project.

1.Creating Additional Storage Space and Extra Seating

The first thing we need to decide is that “How the Kitchen Island Needs To Be Used?”. Do you need it to use as an additional storage space or do you need for extra seating .

If you are lacking storages areas, then you can install additional drawers, pull out shelves and cabinets.

The second option is that you can make your kitchen island as an informal dining area. Making your guests or family members sit near you while cooking.

2.Designing Movable Kitchen Island

Space has always been a problem in kitchens, some kitchens are small while some are big. But both need things to be placed in the right manner so that they consume the right space and are accessible easily.

The second problem is the right space between the countertop and island. Sometimes when you have to cook a big meal you can’t fit in more people to help you as there will be less space. So it is best to leave at least 36-42 inches.

The best solution to this problem is that you can design a movable kitchen island which can move according to your needs as per time and functions.

3. T-shaped, L-shaped, Circular, Elliptical shaped Island

You can give your kitchen island different innovative designs like T-shaped, L-shaped, Circular, Elliptical, Rectangular or Square shaped design, whichever suits your kitchen best.

The Next part is choosing an Island Material according to its use. If you are planning to use it for food preparation, then go for Butcher Block. But if you are planning to use it for baking, then go with marble.

Granite, Stainless Steel or Quartz are also a nice choice to go for in terms of durability.

4. Pre-Planning for Appliance Spacings And Lights

If you are planning to install modern appliances like an oven, fridge, dishwasher, then you will have to spend more money. Plan it early so that it is easy to install them as these appliances make your kitchen look modern.

Choose soft lights for your kitchen island so that it highlights your kitchen island and gives your kitchen a more royal look. Generally people choose to go for pendant lights.

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