Countertop Material Guide

Making a perfect kitchen is not an easy job to do, so we will help you out to choose what is best for your kitchen. We will be considering different countertop materials cost, durability, colors and patterns available for each material available.

For choosing your countertop you must first know that how much you are willing to spend on it, then choose between durability or good designs. If you have chosen durability then how much durable you want it to be.

Most Popular Countertops


Every household has different needs and one needs to prioritize cost, durability, texture, maintenance and designs available, in his mind first. Just ask these questions and you will get an answer yourself.

  • How much is pocket allowing you to invest in your kitchen countertop?
  • Are you planning to stay in that house for a long time or for a short period of time?
  • Do you get bored with the same design for a long period of time?
  • Do you have children who usually splash and throw food around?
  • Is your kitchen a party place where drinks like wine or orange juices are served?
  • Are you too busy or lazy who is not able to give time for maintenance of the kitchen?


Well, if you want all the good attributes in your kitchen countertop, then indeed you will have to pay more for it. But remember that a good thing that lasts long enough and looks good will be more costly than the others. The latest countertop materials along with their price per square foot are listed below.

Granite $100-$225
Marble $125-$250
Quartz $100-$185
Laminate $20-$75
Solid Surface $75-$120
Concrete $70-$140
Stainless Steel $75-$140
Wood or Butcher Block $35-$200
Tile $20-$75
Soapstone $100
Glass $50-$125
Limestone $50 to $100
Slate $100 to $200

Additional Details

Now you need to concentrate more on minute details which make a lot of difference like

  • What texture you prefer?
  • Designs available?
  • Variety of colors?
  • Should it feel cold or warm?
  • Round edged or sharp edged?


You should see that whether you can use a specific material for a particular work space, but it should go with other materials in your kitchen. Because one needs to use a kitchen for chopping, cooking on stove area or cooking in microwaves. So for all this you need different countertop materials as one will not work for all.

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