Granite Care

Granite care is very important after you have installed a granite countertop in your kitchen. Taking care of your granite countertop becomes more easy if it is sealed properly as it will repel most stains.

You just need to do regular care, seal the countertop and take some precautions in order to make your granite shine and look beautiful.

Regular Care

  • Use warm water and a few drops of mild soap to clean the countertop surface.

  • Using water clean the surface and dry it with a clean cloth.

  • Use only a cleaner that is specially made for granite cleaning and use this cleaner on a regular basis.

  • To disinfect the granite, use 50:50 solution of water and 91% isopropyl alcohol and spray it on granite. Allow it to settle for 5 minutes then rinse the surface with water and clean with a microfiber cloth.

Sealing the Granite

  • Clean the surface first and ensure that no stains are left on the surface.

  • After cleaning the surface allow it to dry properly.

  • After the surface is dry pour the sealer and spread the sealer on the whole surface using a paper towel or a foam brush.

  • After 10 mins the sealer will be absorbed, then pour it again and blot the remaining.

  • Let the countertop to dry for 12 hours and use it after 12 hours only.


  • If anything spills on the surface, then using a paper towel or soft cloth clean it immediately, but don’t wipe it as it will spread the liquid.

  • You can also clean the spill with warm water and detergent.

  • While granite is heat resistant, avoid continuous exposure to high temperature as it may harm your countertop.

  • Granite being scratch resistant is resistant to scratches, but still we recommend you to use a cutting board for cutting.

  • Ceramic objects can put scratches on your surface so use mats under it.

  • Protect your granite surface from acidic things like vinegar, citrus liquids and lemon.

  • Do not use cleaning liquids that contains bleach or ammonia.

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