Granite Countertop

Are you planning to install a granite countertop ?

Well, If yes then surely you have made the right choice as it is more

  • Durable
  • Requires less maintenance
  • Less precations
  • Resistant to stains
  • Scratch Resistant

Please see more advantages mentioned below.


1.High Heat Resistance

Placing Hot Pans on granite countertops will not affect them as they don't get heated up easily and there is no need to worry about cracks. Granite countertops absorbs heat from the hot pans. In the worst case scenario high heat can cause the granite to soften and can also remove the coat of sealant which protects it from stains.

Granite countertops get affected if they are exposed to extreme temperature changes directly. If you have an outdoor granite kitchen countertop, then in winters it will have to face cold temperature and direct heat from the sun during summers, in that case it can crack.

2.Scratch Resistant

Using sharp knives or objects won’t affect them as they are quite hard and will indeed make your knives dull quickly. It is still recommended to use a cutting board for chopping things but don't worry as granite countertops are not affected by the daily wear and tear.

3.Stain Resistant

They are non-porous if they are sealed nicely that means it will get stained slowly if a liquid falls on it. So you don't have to worry if anything acidic falls on your countertop as far as you clean it within few minutes. Almost every stain can be removed from granite countertop. Oil stains which get absorbed and can be removed using a poultice which absorbs oil from the surface.

Water also gets absorbed by the granite countertop and it leaves dark spots behind. But don't worry as the water gets evaporated and most of the stains gets dried within few minutes.


Granite is free from fungal infections and bacteria if sealed properly and maintained. Using an anti bacterial soap to wash your countertop will keep bacteria away from your countertop.

5.Wide Color Range

Granite slab is available in different colors and textures giving it a wide range of collection to be chosen from. While choosing a granite it is best to see the slab yourself in real as the textures and patterns of every slab differs from the other one.

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Granite has 1000's of different shades and color, every granite slab is unique in terms of veining, texture, shade and appearance.

6.Very Durable

Granite countertops lasts long for years with little maintenance, which includes sealing the countertop twice a year and regular cleaning that needs to be done. It is advised to install the granite countertop on new cabinets as replacing the cabinets will not leave the granite in a state to be installed again.

7.Easy To Clean

Granite countertops can be cleaned easily using warm water and mild detergent. You can also use special cleaning agents that are easily available in the market for cleaning the countertop.


1. Costly

Its cost is higher ($100-$225) than other countertop materials.

2. Non Uniform Pattern

Every granite slab is different from another, so it is very hard to maintain a uniform design or texture.

3. High Installation Charges.

Granite installation costs you $2,000 - $4,000, it includes backsplash installation and cut outs for your sink.
Labor: $300 - $500
Edging: $200 - $300
Materials (excluding granite): $400 - $600
Seams: $200 - $300

4.Hard Hits can damage the countertop

When it is hit by hard object then, it gets cracked.

5. Countertop becomes Boring after some years

You can get bored easily seeing the same countertop for a much longer period of time.

6.Replace the whole Countertop

If you want to replace the granite countertop, then be ready to replace the whole countertop.

7. Prolonged Spills can stain the countertop

It gains stains if some liquid like wine stays on it for a longer period of time.


Granite slabs cost $100-$225 per square foot and installation charges are high compared to other countertop material. It is highly advised to go for high or medium priced granite slabs as the cheaper ones are generally not good at all.


Granite countertops are easy to clean and maintain with simple mild dish washing soap. You can also buy some special liquids available in the market to clean the granite counter tops. Polishing granite is essential if you want to keep it shining and for this, you just need to apply polish on the slab and rub it with a clean cloth.


  • Do not use abrasive and sharp materials to clean the counter tops and keep them away from chemicals as they can harm the surface.

  • Keep drinks with citrus juices and alcohols away from the granite counter tops as their stains are not easy to remove and sometimes are permanent if not wiped quickly.

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