Granite Tile Countertops

What are Granite Tiles?

In granite countertops you have two choices to go for, one is using granite slab and the second one is using granite tile. There is a huge difference using these two in terms of cost, design, ease of installation, durability and care.

Why to go for Granite Tiles?

If you want to choose Granite for your countertop but your budget is less, then going for Granite tiles is a good option. You can find more colors and hues as they are queried from small granite slabs. Some people also prefer to go for the tile look in their countertop.

What are the benefits of Granite Tiles?

  1. More Designs Available

    Granite slab countertops look extremely beautiful with almost same design throughout the countertop, but if you want to go for a mix and match in granite then go for granite tiles where you can use different tiles.

    One major difference is that in tiles the grout used is visible whereas in slab grout is not visible which makes it look more good. Different colors and textures can be used in case of tiles.

  2. Less Cost in comparison to Granite Tiles

    Granite slabs are more costly in terms of material and installation price as granite tiles can be made from small pieces of granite, whereas the granite slabs are made from large pieces of slabs.

    Granite tiles are easy to install and installation prices range from $50-$75 per square foot, whereas in case of granite slabs its cost is $80-$150 per square foot.

  3. Equally Durable to Granite

    Both Granite Slabs and tiles are durable if sealed properly. However the grout in the tiles need maintenance. If the tiles are not installed properly then cracks may develop and the tiles will not be in equal level to each other.

  4. Easy Installation

    Installing granite tiles is as easy as installing any other tile if you are skilled enough. In case of granite slabs you need to call an expert to install who has knowledge and experience so you will have to pay more in case of installing slabs. But if you want to see thin seams and use minimum grout then you will have to call a professional.

  5. Wide Color Range

    Available in different colors and textures giving it a wide range of collection to be chosen from. All the colors, textures and designs that are available in granite slabs are also available in granite tiles.

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What are the Disadvanatges of Granite Tiles?

  1. Seams are Visible

    Seams are visible in granite tile which makes the countertop look odd, but some people like the tile look. So it is up to you whether you like to see seams or not, in granite slabs very less seams are visible.

  2. Boredom

    You can get bored easily seeing the same countertop for a much longer period of time.