Granite Vs Quartz

Quartz is a countertop material which has all the attributes of granite and a uniform pattern throughout.

Though quartz and granite countertops are same but very minute differences make them apart so choose wisely considering the facts below.

  1. Cost

    In Quartz vs Granite, Cost of quartz countertop is $100- $185 as compared to granite countertop whose cost is $100 -$225. At low cost you get the same designs and infact better designs in Quartz .

    Winner: Quartz

  2. Appearance

    The appearance of quartz is better than the granite countertop as quartz countertops are man made where as granite are natural occurring. Quartz slabs match each other whereas no granite slab matches the other in appearance hence your countertop will not have uniformity.

    The quartz slabs can be given any designs and color.

    Winner: Quartz

  3. Hardness

    The hardness of a Quartz slab is more as compared to the granite or marble slabs. They are of the same thickness so cutting and finishing is done using the same tool used for granite.

    Winner: Quartz

  4. Stain Resistant

    Quartz is more stain resistant to wine and citrus juices and it does not even requires sealing it even once. Granite countertops must be sealed once or twice per year .

    Winner: Quartz

  5. Hygienic

    In Quartz vs Granite, Quartz countertops are more hygienic in terms of less bacterial growth and fungi growth.

    Winner: Quartz

  6. Maintenance

    Unlike granite , quartz does not require regular sealing and it does not need time to time care to be taken to maintain its beauty.

    Winner: Quartz

  7. Scratches

    In Quartz vs Granite, Quartz is more durable and scratch resistant , it just need little attention to be paid for maintaining it throughout lifetime.

    Winner: Quartz

  8. Color Fades

    When the quartz countertop is exposed to direct sunlight or U.V rays then the color of quartz countertop fades with time. So it is important for you to protect it from direct sunlight.

    Winner: Granite

  9. Heavy

    In Quartz vs Granite, Quartz countertops are heavy and needs professionals for installation .

    Winner: Granite

  10. Visible Seams

    In quartz, seams are visible but they will be less visible if quartz slab and grout are dark coloured. In marble and granite the seams are less visible because they have viens designs which makes them invisible.

    Winner: Granite


If you want to have all the plus points of granite at low cost then go for Quartz. But if you are going to install the countertop outdoors then use granite as quartz countertop color fades.

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