How Do You Select Your Granite Fabricator?

Selecting a Fabricator is also an important process as choosing a countertop material. Infact, choosing a fabricator should be our first priority as fabricators design a suitable layout for your kitchen.

After the layout is ready you can change things and ask that whether it will fit in or not. Here are some points that you should consider before choosing a fabricator.

1. Work and Experience of Fabricator

The first thing that you should consider while selecting a fabricator must be its work and experience. Make sure that you see his past projects and for how many years has he been in this field.

Seeing his works will tell you that will he be able to deliver the desired kitchen that you want. The more his experience will be the better it is as experience teaches work.

2. How close is he to your home

If the fabricator is near your home, then it will have many advantages. First of alls you will be able to cut down the delivery charges. Then you will be able to visit him and even he can come and take a look at your kitchen easily.

You will also get the benefit of visiting the stone vendor from where the fabricator will pick up the stone and choose slabs for yourself. You can also choose color shades, designs and similar slabs for yourself.

You will be able check references of his work yourself and see that is he upto your expectations.

3. Time and Cost

Ask your fabricator that what will be the cost and how much work time will it take to complete the whole project. Ask at least 3 fabricators in your area and compare and contrast their qualities.

Bargain with the fabricator and choose a fabricator that you think is upto your expectations and completes your project in the least time and money.

4. Latest Instruments

You must ask your fabricator that, does he use all the modern tools like digital measuring instruments and CNC stone profiling machine. Using CNC machine cuts down the time and ensures the quality of the work to be deliverd.

5. Insurance Coverage

Ask the fabricator that does his company gives insurance coverage of workman compensation and business liability. So that if an accident occurs while installing the countertop, then your property will remain secured.

6. Affiliation from MIA

It is important that your fabricator has affiliation from MIA (Marble Institute of America) as MIA sets the quality standards of natural stone fabrication.

It becomes important for the stone industry companies to get affiliation from MIA as they get to know about the latest stone cutting technologies.

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