Countertops Cost

Now that you have decided your budget for kitchen countertop, the next step is choosing a countertop material that fit's in your budget. Depending on your budget you can easily choose a material for your countertop, and if you don't like the material you will have to shift your budget.

You can surely save money by installing the countertop yourself but be sure that you are highly skilled enough to do that or else you will ruin the whole countertop.

The cost of different countertops is mentioned below in table where the cost is given in per square foot.

Materials Cost (Sq/ft)
Granite $100-$225
Marble $125-$250
Quartz $100-$185
Laminate $20-$75
Solid Surface $75-$120
Concrete $70-$140
Stainless Steel $75-$140
Wood or Butcher Block $35-$200
Tile $20-$75
Soapstone $100 onwards
Glass $50-$125
Limestone $50 to $100
Slate $100 to $200


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Granite falls in the category of costly countertop's but don't worry it is worth paying for as it is durable, adds beauty to your kitchen and is resistant to daily wear and tear. It cost's $100 - $225 per square foot.


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Marble countertop increases the beauty of your kitchen with it's marvelous and luxurious look. Every slab has different texture and design which gives your countertop a unique look. It is available in many different colors like black, white, rose, yellow, gray and green. It costs $125 - $250 per square foot.


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Quartz is a countertop material which has all the attributes of granite and has a uniform pattern throughout. Quartz is man made so it is easy to find almost any color of your choice. Quartz is a durable material and costs $100 - $185 per square foot.


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Laminate is one of the cheapest countertop material available which ranges from $20 - $75 per square foot. It requires very low maintenance, is stain resistant and almost every color and design is available in it. It designs also include the look of natural stones and stainless steel.

Stainless Steel

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Stainless Steel falls in the category of average range countertop material with a range of $75 - $140 per square foot. It gives your kitchen a modern look which is easy to maintain and is quite durable.


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It is a seamless, stain resistant countertop which has endless number of color and edge variety available. It costs $70 -$140 per square foot. It is a very durable, highly scratch and heat resistant countertop material.

Solid Surface

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Solid Surface is a man made material which is non porous and requires low maintenance, is durable, scratch resistant and environment friendly countertop material. It ranges from $75-$120 per square foot. Solid surface appearance has been mimicked from marble, granite, stone and other naturally occurring stones.

Recycled Glass

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Recycles Glass is an Eco-friendly, durable and a very unique countertop material to go for. It ranges from $50 - $125 per square foot.

Butcher Block

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Butcher Block is a durable material which is warm, recyclable and a good working surface for cutting, chopping and dicing. It has a great number of varieties like bamboo and hard wood. It ranges from $35- $200 per square foot.


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Tile is a heat and stain resistant countertop material which is easy to clean and maintain. It ranges from $20-$75 per square foot. They are an easy to Do-It-Yourself project and hence you can save more money on it and you can get numerous number of designs and colors.