How to calculate square footage?

When we are planning for a kitchen renovation then we always want to know a rough estimate of “How much area our slab covers?”.

Everyone doesn't not have the maths formula of calculating square foot from inches. So we will tell you “How to calculate the area in square foot from inches?”.

Step 1

For calculating area first of all you need to measure the length and depth of the kitchen countertop using an inch tape in inches.

For example, we take your kitchen length as 110 inches and depth as 30 inches.

Step 2

Now multiply the length and the breath and you will get area in inches.

110 x 30 = 3300

Step 3

Now divide 3300 by 144 to get the area in square feet.

3300/144 = 22.91 sq ft.

Things to Remember

  1. Always take a little more than the actual measurement, like if your length comes out to be 106 inches then take 110 or 115 inches.

  2. Never take less than the actual measurement as it will lead to a less material area. Then you will have to make joints and these joints are visible and look odd.

    Many times because of this the whole material gets wasted.

  3. If the kitchen countertop has different shapes, then measure from the side which is of greatest length.

    Example, if your countertop is circular then measure from the centre as the centre line has greatest length.

  4. The dealer from where you will buy material will also keep a margin in measurement. They don't give you the exact area of material you want specially in case of big slabs.

  5. Keep in mind that you have to measure the area of overhang also, so add 1.5 inches in length and depth.

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