Kitchen Trend Ideas

Kitchens have always been an important part of life as everyone spends at least 1- 2 hours in kitchen daily. If you want to catch everyone's eye, then follow these latest trends .

1. New Colors

With time new colors are emerging, though white color is still holding it's place as the most used color. The new color that have come are gray, pale green, pastel blue, pastel yellow and grayish shades of white.

Bold colors are combined with these light colours, usually people choose a dark color for countertops and light colors for cabinets and furnitures or vice- versa.

2. Improved Functionalities and Storage Space

Functionalities of cabinets and drawers have been improved, like how they should open, fold and close by touching a button using the technology of hydraulics.

Storage space has been increased drastically by installing multi level drawers and cupboards. Hidden Charging stations and power points are being used all over the kitchen. Modern appliances are being installed in the cabinets spaces.

3. New Shades of Sinks

New shades of sinks have emerged to complement the countertops, cabinets and backsplash. Bold colors can be used with backsplash to highlight the sink area and complement the countertop.

4. Sensor Technology

Installing sensor based appliances in your kitchen helps your kitchen to look advance in terms of technology. These appliances save your efforts and conserves energy.

These technologies include hands- free faucet, sensor activated lights that switch off when no one is present in the kitchen.

5. Movable kitchen Island

Latest trends include connecting the kitchen with the rest of your home, increasing more accommodation for people to sit. Most people connect the main living space with the kitchen and the appliances are hidden and well integrated.

Modern kitchen trends include leaving 36-42 inch space between the countertop and the kitchen island as less space between them can create many problems.

Movable kitchen island encourage the people with small kitchen area to have a kitchen island in their kitchens. As they can easily move the kitchen island any time they want to according to their needs.

6. Modern Lights

The trend of using LED lights has become popular as people now prefer to use more lights in the kitchen. Lights are used below the cabinetry, inside the cabinets, above the island and below the countertop overhangs.

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