Maintenance of Countertops

Every Countertop needs maintenance in the form of polishing, sealing, repairing to keep them shining. Sometimes it can be as simple as just cleaning with just some detergent and a soft cloth. The methods and the effort required to maintain the countertops vary from each other.

How to maintain Granite Countertop?

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Granite countertops are easy to clean and maintain with simple mild dish washing soap. But if you think that the stains are tough to remove then you can buy some special liquids available in the market.

Polishing granite is essential if you want to keep it shining. For that you just need to apply some polish on the slab and rub it clean with a soft cloth. Granite countertops needs to be sealed twice a year so that stains can be repelled, use a granite sealer only to seal the countertop.

How to maintain Quartz Countertop?

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Unlike granite, quartz does not require regular sealing and it does not need time to time care to be taken to maintain its beauty. Just clean with a soft cloth and warm water and use a mild soap if desired.

How to maintain Marble Countertop?

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Marble needs moderate maintenance apart from the extra precautions that needs to be taken while working on them. Like preventing citrus drinks from spilling and not to use sharp objects like knives. It can also be easily cleaned with mild soap, warm water and a soft cloth.

Apart from regular care you need to seal the marble countertop at least twice a year using a sealant specially made for marble countertop. If you think your countertop has lost its shine, then you can always go for polishing.

How to maintain Laminate Countertop?

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Laminate countertops are easy to clean with some detergent and soft cloth. Regularly waxing the laminate countertop is a smart choice as it does not allow stains to settle down and form a protective layer.

How to maintain Solid Surface Countertop?

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Using soapy water and ammonia based cleaners will remove most of the dirt and stains after that using a clean soft cloth dry the surface so that stains are not formed. Most difficult stains can be removed using a soft sponge and mild abrasive cleaner.

How to maintain Butcher Block Countertop?

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Using a mild dish soap and hot water, scrub the surface after this rinse the surface with hot water and a clean cloth. After this spread some white undiluted white vinegar on the surface and let it settle for a few minutes. After that wipe it with a clean soft cloth and let it dry.

How to maintain Stainless Steel Countertop?

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Stainless Steel does not require sealing or resealing it unlike other stone countertops, you just need to clean it regularly with some water and dish washer soap and then wash it.

After that sprinkle baking soda and pour some vinegar on it and scrub it gently. Rinse it thoroughly and clean with a cloth. Apply some olive or mineral oil on a soft clean cloth and apply in the direction of the grain, this will prevent fingertip impressions and make it shine.

How to maintain Concrete Countertop?

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Concrete countertops needs to be sealed and waxed once a month. But for regular care you can use mild soap and water to remove stains.

How to maintain Recycled Glass Countertop?

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Recycled glass needs regular maintenance and sealing just like granite and marble. Use a mild soap and luke warm water for cleaning the countertop on a regular basis. Besides that seal it with a good sealant specially made for sealing Recycled glass countertop.

How to maintain Tiles Countertop?

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For regular cleaning you can use mild detergent and warm water, to clean the grout use soft sponge rather than a harder one. Polishing the tile countertop is also a good way to keep your countertop in a good condition, use special polish that are available for tile countertops.