Marble Vs Granite

Comparing marble and granite is very important as many people think that both are quite similar. So it becomes important for us to tell you the difference as both are costly and no one replaces them easily.

Which is more Costly?

Granite and Marble both come under the high price category. Granite ranges from $100 - $225 per square foot whereas Marble ranges from $125 - $250 per square foot. Cost varies with availability, rarity and designs.

So in terms of cost, Granite wins as it is more cheap.

Which has more Number Of Shades?

Both are equally beautiful as everyone has their own definition of beauty. Granite has more shades of like pink, blue, red, brown, green etc as compared to marble. While marble has more veins and it’s elegant looks are appealing, it is commonly available in white and black shade.

Granite wins as it has more shades available than marble.

Which one is more Durable?

Granite is most durable countertop material as it is resistant to heat, scratches and staining. Hot pots can be placed directly on the surface and chopping can be done on the surface itself.

Marble is more porous and it stains easily. It often chips easily than granite.

Hence Granite wins in durability.

Which one requires Less Maintenance?

Granite needs less maintenance as compared to marble, as marble needs to be sealed more frequently. Without sealing the surface, oil and acidic material can stain it easily.

Hence Granite wins is maintenace as it requires less maintenance.


Granite countertop wins according to the stats as it is more durable, requires less maintenance and it is cheap in comparison with marble.

Moreover granite is non-porous, resistant to heat, scratches and staining.

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