Marble Vs Tiles

In Marble Vs Tiles the choice is over durability, maintenance and cost as both look equally beautiful. So here are the differences between both the materials.


Marble is costly than tiles, marble costs $125-$250 per sq foot whereas tiles cost $20- $75 per sq foot. Marble installation price is also high as compared to tiles installation.



In terms of durability marble is more durable than tiles. You can place heavy objects on them without any worries whereas with tiles you cannot place heavy objects on them.



Tiles are easy to maintain as they can be easily cleaned with a cloth and you don’t need to worry about any spills or stains.

Marble needs to be sealed twice a year. If you want to bring its shine back then you can go for polishing to bring back its shine.



Both marble and tiles have a variety of designs but tiles have more designs available. The designs can be printed and any design is possible. Tiles have the same pattern as they are man made whereas marble is a natural occuring stone.



If you prefer durability over price and modern designs than go for marble. But if you want modern and fancy designs at low cost then choose tiles. Be sure to choose wisely between durability, price and design.

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