Prefab Granite Countertops

What is Prefab Granite?

Often people get confused when they hear about the term prefab granite, they start thinking that it must be a man made material. No but, that's not the case prefab granite are precut and pre-finished slabs that come in standard sizes.

Prefabricated Granite is mass produced in China and India, where they are packed and sent forward.

Why to go for Prefab Granite?

Prefab granite is a good option if you want to cut the total cost and enjoy the luxury of granite. It takes less installation time than the custom slabs as they come already cut and finished. They are a good option for commercial projects like multi storage buildings, flats and hotels.

Prefab granite is not a good option for homes as they are quite prone to chipping, breaking and slabs don't match each other. They come in standard sizes, 96 X 25 inch is the most common size available. It's a good option if your kitchen countertop size is smaller, as you will have to use different slabs in case of a large countertop.

What are the benefits of Prefab Granite?

  1. Quick installation time

    Prefab granite takes very less installation time as they are already cut and polished. They are prefabricated so they are easy to install in comparison to other materials.

    Prefab Granite is used in big projects where completing the project in a short period of time is important but quality is compromised in these projects. It should be never used in home improving projects.

  2. Cheap Incomparison to Granite

    Prefab granite costs $25- $100 per square foot, which is quite cheap in comparison to granite slabs which costs you $100 -$225 per square foot.

    Prefab granite comes Pre-cut and Pre-Finished so it saves the fabricating cost. Moreover you can save the total cost of installing granite countertop if you install them yourself. They are very easy to install as you don't have to cut them or do finishing on them. They are cheap because the labor cost involved in it is less

  3. Equally Durable to Granite

    The durability of Prefab granite is same as of real granite as they are made from real granite slabs only. Though the quality of Prefab slabs can differ from dealer to dealer, so choose your dealer and slab wisely. If possible go and pick up a slab yourself from the warehouse or yard.

    If you get a dealer who is selling the slab at a very cheap price, then probably he must be using a slab of inferior quality.

  4. High Heat Resistance

    Placing Hot Pans on Prefab granite countertops will not affect them as they don't get heated up easily and there is no need to worry about cracks. Prefab granite countertops absorbs heat from the hot pans. In the worst case scenario high heat can cause the granite to soften and can also remove the coat of sealant which protects it from stains.

    Prefab granite countertops get affected if they are exposed to extreme temperature changes directly. If you have an outdoor granite kitchen countertop, then in winters it will have to face cold temperature and direct heat from the sun during summers, in that case it can crack.

  5. Scratch Resistant

    Using sharp knives or objects won’t affect them as they are quite hard and will indeed make your knives dull quickly. It is still recommended to use a cutting board for chopping things, but don't worry as Prefab granite countertops are not affected by the daily wear and tear.

    You can read our article on Granite Countertops to know more Benefits of Prefab Granite.

What are the Disadvantages of Prefab Granite?

  1. Colors

    Prefab granite has less colors and design options available as compared to granite slabs. The colors that are available are very common and basic colors. The color will vary if different slabs are used as every slab is different from the one another, you can clearly see the difference near the seams.

  2. Standard size

    Prefab granite come in standard sizes like 96 x 26 inch, 48 x 72 inch, 84 x 76 inch and 108 x 26 inch. So if you don't like to see joints in your countertop, then you must use granite slabs instead of prefab granite.

    If your countertop is of different shapes, then you will have problem in installing the prefab granite for yourself if you don't have the right cutting tools.

  3. Edges

    You do not have the choice of choosing the edges, as they all have the same uniform edges. Prefab slabs come precut and pre finished therefore same edge is given to every slab.