Select The Right Granite

Selecting the right granite is really important as granite countertops last for years. Don't choose a granite color or a design that you don’t like or doesn’t match the existing kitchen.

Else you will have to either bare it for years or change the existing kitchen design. We will help you to choose the granite and the options of lights, color of cabinets, doors and floorings that you can pair with them.

Choosing Granite according to Kitchen

It is important to consider the size of your kitchen before you choose a granite color. If your kitchen size is small then go for a light coloured granite as it helps your kitchen area to look larger.

The second important factor you should consider is that how much inlet of natural light is there in your kitchen. If you have a good inlet of sunlight then you can go for a dark color granite countertop. But if the inlet of sunlight is not sufficient, then go for a light colored granite countertop as it will give an illusion of slightly large kitchen.

Choosing Two Granite Colors

Using two color granite colors for your kitchen is also a growing trend that everyone prefers to go for. Usually people prefer a dark color granite for kitchen countertops and a light colored granite for kitchen island.

The popular kitchen color combinations are absolute black at the countertop, paired with an off white or creamy colored granite at the island. The second is off white with burgundy spots at the countertop and gray granite at the island, similarly black pearl and Typhoon Bordeaux, Antique Brown and St. Cecilia.

Using a single color in a small kitchen makes the kitchen look more beautiful whereas in big sized kitchen two colors works well.

Consider Cabinet Colors

The color of cabinets matter a lot and can mess the whole look of kitchen if not paired correctly with the granite color. You will have to keep your granite color choices restrained if you dont want to change your current cabinets.

A combination of two cabinets is also in trend like going for a dark cabinets and white cabinets, white and gray cabinets, brown and gray cabinets , blue, white and gray cabinets, lemon yellow and white cabinets, cherry brown with white cabinets and many more combinations.

  • White Cabinets: You can choose any of the following granite if you have white colored cabinets installed. The list includes White Spring, Black Pearl, Silver Pearl,Absolute Black, Costa Esmeralda,Labrador Green, Blue Pearl, Sapphire Blue, New Azul Arron etc.

  • Cherry Cabinets:Absolute Black, Almond Gold, Black Forest, Santa Cecilia, Gold Antique,Tan Brown, Costa Esmeralda, Typhoon Boreaux, Uba Tuba, and Verde Peacock granites complement the cherry cabinets best.

  • Black Cabinets:Kashmir White, Ambrosia White, Oscuro Mist, Giallo Ornamental, Tan Brown and Classic White granites pairs perfectly with Black Cabinets.

  • Dark brown Cabinets:Green colored granites such as Labrador Green, Lemon Ice, Lennon, Bianco Antico, Bianco Romano, Super White, Golden Crystal, Delicatus, Venetian Pearl and Costa Esmeralda granites compliments dark brown cabinets best.

Choosing a Flooring

Selecting a suitable flooring is also as important as choosing other things in your kitchen. Generally granite countertops are paired with wooden floors, but the color shade of wooden floors must complement the countertop.

If the color of floor matches with that of countertop then both will look same . But if both do not complement each other, then none will not get highlighted and will not catch eyes of your guests.

If you are choosing a black granite countertop, then pair it with a light colored floor like a light brown or brown colored floor. But if you are planning to choose a light color countertop, then go for a dark brown or brown colored countertop.

Brown color countertop goes with both dark and light shade countertop. But if you want to highlight both the countertop and the floor then go for exactly opposite shades of floors and countertops.

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